Dr. Abraham Verghese

 Dr.  Abraham Verghese,  the  former Chief  Editor  of  PMHE,  and  the Head, Division  of Entomology and Nematology,  IIHR, Bengaluru, has assumed  the charge as the Director of the National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects (NBAII), Bengaluru  in April 2013.  It  is a proud moment  to  the AAPMHEís  fraternity. Dr. Verghese needs no introduction to the readers of PMHE,  as he was the Chief Editor for sixteen long years, and instrumental in nurturing and shaping the  success  of  this  journal.   An  entomologist  of  international  repute, Dr. Verghese has been  the  leading  light of  fruit entomology  research  in  the country. Having more than  hundred  and  fifty  research  papers,  several  commercialized  technologies,  patents  and awards  to  his  credit, Dr.  Verghese  is  an  acclaimed  scientist,  admired  teacher  and  an  able administrator. Dr. Verghese  is one of  those very  few entomologists, who have been conferred with  the prestigious Fellow of Royal Entomological Society, London. Though an  ëinsect control expertí by profession, by passion, Dr. Verghese is an ardent naturalist and bird  lover. He enjoys analyzing  the ecological complexities of  insect  life. Hope  this  transition  from being a  ëcrusaderí of  insect pests  to  the  ëcustodianí of  insect species will bring many more  laurels and under his guidance, Agricultural Entomology  in India reaches newer heights. On behalf of all the members and  the Executive Council of AAPMHE,  I congratulate and wish Dr. Verghese all  the best and success  in  his  new  assignment.




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