A new report of natural infestation of Fusarium solanion on banana rhizome weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus Germer from Kerala



Banana rhizome weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus Germer is a common pest in banana plantations of southern Kerala. Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc. was isolated from the weevil collected from College of Agriculture, Vellayani, Thiruvananthapuram and is the first report of the infestation of F. solanion C. sordidus. The fungus was isolated and proved pathogenicity on grubs and adults of C. sordidus. Two days after treatment mortality was observed in grubs adults mortality was observed 5 days after treatment. Symptoms of infestation on grubs of the weevil were the initial brownish discoloration and shrinkage of body, later white creamy mycelial growth developed. On adults white creamy mycelia developed but not covering the entire body.


Cosmopolites sordidus, Fusarium solani, entomopathogen

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