Response of okra varieties with morphometric characters against Earias vittella Fab. under hyper arid region of Rajasthan

Meena S, Veer Singh, Meena A K, Nagar R


Ten varieties of okra were screened for their response against E. vittella Fab. In relation to morphometric
characters under field conditions in hyper arid region at College ofAgriculture, Bikaner, india. Among the tested varieties,
ArkaAnamika andA-4 were found resistant whereas, Parbhani Kranti and Pusa Sawani were highly susceptible. The remaining
varieties viz., Varsha Uphar, Arka Abhay, Aprajita, Kashi Mohini and Hissar Naveen were susceptible. None of the variety
was completely free from the infestation of E. vittella either on shoots or fruits. The data of morphometric character was
revealed that plant height, fruit length and diameter of different okra varieties had non-significant effect on the infestation
of E. vittella. However, the diameter of shoot pith had significant positive effect.


Earias vittella, morphometric characters, okra, resistance

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