Evaluation of an organic salt and entomopathogenic fungal formulation against insect and mite pests on sweet pepper under net-house conditions in Punjab, India



Field trials were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of an organic salt (LastrawÆ) and an oil based formulation of Beauveria bassiana (Myco-JaalÆ) against aphid, thrips and broad mite on sweet pepper under net-house conditions in Punjab, India. Both these compounds at higher doses reduced the aphid population by 67.13% ñ 68.52%, compared to the untreated control. They also reduced the thrips population by 80% ñ 84%. Only LastrawÆ was found to be more effective in reducing the damage caused by broad mite than Myco-jaal at higher temperature condition in net-house in May-June. The yield was highest at higher dose of Sulfex treatment, followed by the highest dose of Myco-jaalÆ. The benefit cost ratio was also higher for Sulfex treatments, followed by Myco-jaalÆ at higher doses.


LastrawÆ; Myco-jaalÆ; Net-house; sweet pepper; vegetable pests

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