Laboratory studies and field evaluation of new generation insecticides against banana pseudostem borer, Odoiporus longicollis (Olivier)



Banana pseudostem borer, Odoiporus longicollis (Olivier) is a serious pest of banana; especially in India. The pest can cause complete crop destruction in endemic areas where conditions are favorable. Laboratory studies were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of certain new molecules of insecticides viz., chlorantraniliprole, thiamethoxam, emamectin benzoate, indoxacarb and cartap hydrochloride against O. longicollis adults and grubs. After 36 hours of treatment with insecticides, thiamethoxam, emamectin benzoate, indoxacarb and cartap hydrochloride recorded complete mortality of grubs while thiamethoxam, emamectin benzoate and cartap hydrochloride recorded the same mortality against adult weevils. Among them, based on the bio efficacy and cost of chemical, two insecticides were selected and tested in banana field. Six different application methods were evaluated in the field and all thiamethoxam application methods except swabbing were on par in giving maximum yield. Laboratory studies and field evaluation studies clearly indicated thiamethoxam 25WDG @0.01% as the best pesticide molecule for management of O. longicollis in banana.


Odoiporus, thiamethoxam, bio-assay, banana, pesticides

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